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CALLED Christian School

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All Learning Materials Will Be Provided.

CALLED Christian School curates educational materials that are consistent with the school’s philosophy. However, the fallen human condition depicted in literature (as in Scripture, itself) is not always pleasant. Valuable works sometimes have objectionable or profane elements.


Good books provide four recognized values:

  • They build godly attitudes and character traits.
  • They deepen our social and cultural awareness.
  • They strengthen our use of written language.
  • They provide a lifelong source of enjoyment and relaxation.


In order to instill these values in our students and fulfill the stated objectives of our school, all CALLED Christian School students are expected to read and study good books on a regular basis. R


  • Objectionable elements in 6th-8th grade materials must be limited and must serve a specific educational purpose.


Materials which are required for students have been approved by the Curriculum Project Managers.  Materials will be provided for every student.


21 June 2022

Material Selection Policy