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LUOA’s goal for this course is to engage each student by offering an introduction to the Bible, along with major themes, characters, and life principles found in the Bible. The objective is to take the timeless truths of God’s Word and make them relevant and applicable to each student’s life. This course is designed to build on the content of our 7th grade Bible course and equip you with additional knowledge of Scripture.

Language Arts

LUOA’s 8th-grade Language Arts course allows students to learn grammar rules that review and build on previous grades. In this course, students are challenged to build an expanding vocabulary through higher-level word studies. Writing is an integral part of this curriculum, as students learn not only the basics of the writing process, but also how to create original pieces in a number of different writing genres. Literature, too, is a strong element in this English class. Students read works from various genres and cultures and respond to these works by means of projects and response pieces. All elements of this class are taught from a biblical worldview that analyzes secular worldview messages prevalent in today’s society.

Getting started is simple. Once you have completed the application and sent in your student’s records from his/her previous school, we will complete the enrollment process by setting up a course schedule.


Take a look at the 8th Grade middle school courses we offer and find out how a Christian curriculum can provide your student with a foundational academic and spiritual learning experience.

8th Grade

Math (Pre-Algebra)

LUOA’s Pre-Algebra course is an introductory algebra course designed to prepare students for Algebra I. This course will review basic math concepts regarding number sense, the rules regarding math operations, and the order of implementation. Students taking pre-algebra will practice concepts taught in previous math courses at higher levels and in ways that can broaden their skills. Students will also be challenged to practice algebraic thinking in order to model and solve real-world problems. Geometric concepts and related formulas will be linked to algebraic thinking to prepare students for future courses.

World Geography

World Geography provides an overview of Earth’s places, cultures, and environments. The course will provide an overview of geographical study, climate, weather, regions, and resources. Students will also analyze the characteristics of different segments of the world’s population, including topics such as standard of living, urban development, and migration and cultural diffusion. The course will conclude with a study of the impact of globalization and political divisions. This is a high-school-level course so that a student, while in 8th grade, will obtain 1 high school credit while fulfilling the history requirement needed to be considered full-time for 8th grade.

Physical Science

LUOA’s Physical Science course is an introduction to chemistry and physics with an emphasis on utilizing the scientific method. This course will explore God’s love of balance and how that’s reflected in the world He created. Students will be introduced to scientists who built their theories on the Bible and observations of the world around them. Student experiments are woven through the lessons, so they can experience the thrill of science and develop an understanding of the “new language” being learned.