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How to Apply

Enrollment requires a few steps but all you need to do is submit an application below and completing Financial Check-In!  The CALLED Christian School admissions team will complete the remaining steps and provide you with the information and access needed to begin your coursework.


Step 1: Submit an online application.


Step 2: Our admissions advisor will reach out to you with information regarding your student's application and request additional information if needed.


Step 3: Request previous grade records — either a report card or a school transcript from the previous grade (ex. Incoming 6th graders will need 5th grade records).  Please let us know if a request letter is needed for you to receive an official transcript.


Step 4: Complete Financial Check-In.


Step 5: Once your child has been successfully registered, you will be given your student's course schedule and detailed information about getting your child's student account set up.

($25 Application Fee Waived until 7/31/2022)