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Grading Scale

Students read, watch, and listen to the material in each lesson and complete problems, assignments and tests on the computer. With the instant grading feature, students and facilitators have immediate feedback regarding the student's progress. LUOA teachers grade written work such as paragraph answers, essays, and projects. Any grading or comments made by the LUOA teachers are transferred back to the student. Due dates are provided in the student’s homepage and calendar to keep students on schedule.


The number of assessments for each module varies. LUOA teachers have the prerogative to award credit for an assessment, as they deem appropriate for the work submitted. Extra credit assignments are not available.


LUOA requires teachers to grade assignments within 48 hours, with the exception of projects or papers, which will be graded within four (4) days.


Student grades will be determined according to the grading scale and assignment weights in the table below. LUOA determines final letter grades using a 10-point scale. Each assignment exists in an assignment group called a tier. Grades for the course are determined by averaging percentages of all assignments in each tier, weighing the tiers according to the assignment weights and summing the scores for the total course grade. Each tier is weighted according to the table below. Items that do not affect grades are found in Tier 0.



Grading Scale:

A - 90-100%

B - 80-89%

C - 70-79%

D - 60-69%

F - 0-59%


Assignment Weights:

Tier 0 - 0%

Tier 1 - 25%

Tier 2 - 35%

Tier 3 - 40%


In order for students to receive credit for a course, the following conditions have to be met:

  • All semester exams and module tests have to be completed,
  • All Tier 3 projects or papers have to be completed, and
  • Fewer than 5 zeros per semester exist in the gradebook for blank submissions.


21 June 2022

Determining Course Grades