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The following points define key terms we use to provide you with a clearer understanding of each concept discussed:


- School Director: Refers to the administrator of CALLED Christian School, who has deciding power regarding student and faculty concerns. This person is also the school's main POC.


- Admissions Advisor: Refers to CALLED Christian School's representative whose main role is to help applicants with any questions, admissions processes, advising processes, and any other needs. The Admissions Advisor is the main point of contact for any enrollment questions.


- In-Class Advisor: Refers to an individual (who may or may not be a licensed teacher) who is present at CALLED Christian School helping students with minor questions, making sure they stay on task, and ensuring that they stay on schedule with every subject.


- LUOA Teacher: Refers to the online teacher hired by Liberty University, who has the responsibility of grading student’s work, answering student questions, keeping a record of grades, among other responsibilities.


- Student: Refers to students at CALLED Christian School who are registered to take LUOA online courses through CALLED Christian School.


20 June 2022

Definition of Key Terms