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Warning, First Offense, Second Offense

If an Honor Code violation occurs, the offending student’s teacher will communicate to the student via a comment on the assignment and will then submit the violation to the Student Support office. Next, the Student Support Coordinator will review the violation(s) and determine the consequence for the violation(s). Next, an email will be sent to the family. The family may then submit an appeal to the Student Support office. To submit an appeal, new evidence must be provided by the family to CALLED Christian School.



  • Students should accept these warnings as learning opportunities.


  • Work must be redone; however, resubmission does not guarantee an increase in grade.


  • The original grade will be reduced.


First Offense:

Assignment – The student will:

  • Receive a reduced grade or a zero (0%) per teacher discretion,
  • Be required to complete the Plagiarism Workshop, and
  • Be permitted to retry the assignment for a higher grade on the next attempt at the teacher’s discretion.

Lesson, Quiz, or Test – The student will receive a zero (0%).


Second Offense:

  • The student will receive a zero (0%) and be placed on academic probation.


Third Offense:

  • The student will receive a zero (0%) and the Student Support Coordinator, along with LUOA administration, will determine the consequences that should follow, possibly including academic withdrawal from the course or expulsion from the Academy


21 June 2022

Consequences for Violations to the Honor Code