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Save a Copy.

For consistency in writing across the curriculum, all research projects must be properly cited using the MLA citation style. Wikipedia is not considered to be a reliable source for research. Any work that includes or cites Wikipedia may be returned to the student for revision or may result in a significantly reduced grade.


Because technology can fail, students should save copies of projects to their personal computer in the event it should need to be submitted a second time. 


LUOA teachers use rubrics to grade some assignments to help prepare students for what will be evaluated prior to submission of the work, to standardize grading by different teachers, and to categorize the feedback provided by teachers. Students should refer clarification questions to their teachers.


Types of Assessments: Lesson, Assignment, Quiz, or Test.

To clearly identify which policies apply to which assessments, each assessment has been categorized into one of four categories: Lesson, Assignment, Quiz, or Test.


Each applicable item on the course Modules page has been designated with an identifier chosen from among these categories. For example, a quiz on the American Revolution may be designated by a title like “1.2.3 Quiz: The American Revolution.” These identifiers were placed on the Modules page to help students understand which Resubmission Policy and/or which portion of the Honor Code apply to that assessment.


Lesson – Any item on the Modules page designated as a “Lesson”


  • These include instructional content and sometimes an assessment of that content. Typically, a lesson will be the day–to–day work that students complete.


Assignment – Any item on the Modules page designated as an “Assignment”


  • Examples of assignments include, but are not limited to, papers, book reports, projects, labs, and speeches. Students typically do their best work the first time on assignments.


Quiz – Any item on the Modules page designated as a “Quiz”


  • Quizzes usually take the form of traditional assessments in which the students answer questions to demonstrate knowledge of the subject. Quizzes cover a smaller amount of material than tests do.


Test – Any item on the Modules page designated as a “Test”

  • This usually takes the form of a traditional assessment in which students answer questions to demonstrate knowledge of a subject. Tests cover a larger amount of material than quizzes do.


21 June 2022